Board of Elections meeting for March 18, 2021

Members present: Herbert Spangler, Henry Ficklin, Rinda Wilson,Cassandra Powell, Mike Kaplan

Agenda Observations

  •  Mike Kaplan introduced the new members: Karen Evans-Daniel, Darius Maynard, and Joel Hazard, who had just been sworn in and will assume their positions next month.
  • Minutes of the February 25 meeting were approved, and of the March 5 special called meeting after correction to reflect that the employee issue discussed at that time resulted in a reprimand.
  • The election of Board officers will be held next month, perhaps at a special called meeting at the first of April after the new members and the County Commission appointee take office.
  • A discussion of the nominees for the fifth member began with Henry Ficklin moving to reopen the list because of the underrepresentation of women on the Board. The motion passed, and he nominated Ron Shipman. Mike Kaplan asserted that if the Mayor wanted someone other than him, and had asked Fickin for the additional nomination, then he would withdraw his name.The motion to add Shipman failed, 2-2 (only the partisan members could vote). Kaplan confirmed later in the meeting that he is not withdrawing.
  • The dashboard report was made by Charlene Maynard. Not all information from the State was available at this time.
  • The OLOST bill is in the General Assembly and if passed could lead to an election in November 2021.
  • The State conference will be on August 29, but only Board members and certain employees may attend.
  • The Secretary of State has announced a statewide signature audit to be conducted with the University of Georgia. Elaine Lucas expressed concern over voter suppression. Mike Kaplan stated that was not the intent and that additional information will be provided. She also stated that the Commission will take up a resolution to the local legislative delegation to oppose bills that suppress voter participation and unfounded mandates.
  • Mike Kaplan closed the meeting by lauding the accomplishments of the Board and thanked departing members Ficklin, Powell, and Wilson.