Macon Water Authority Meeting from 2/18/2021

Members Present: Chairman Dwight Jones, Tony Rojas, Frank Peterson, L Golphin, Sam Hart, Christi Ellington, Bill Howell, Dr. Nissa Jones, AMB – MH Allen, Matthew Roach, Jason Small

Board of Trustees Pension Plan Inaugural Meeting

  • Dates and Times – 3rd Thursday, 2:30 pm
  • Plan – “included in the packages”
  • Trustees of the Pension Plan take guidance from MWA board
  • 5 Trustee have fiduciary responsibility
    • Tony Rojas
    • Dwight Jones
    • Christi Ellington
    • Nissa Jones
    • Guy Boyle
  • Lots of organizational decisions for Trustees to include Responsibilities, Manual developmen, Email setup

Pension Committee Meeting

Present:  Chairman Dwight Jones, Tony Rojas, Frank Peterson, L. Golphin, Sam Hart, Christi Ellington, Bill Howell, Dr. Nissa Jones and AMB (MH Allen, Matthew Roach, Jason Small)

  • Nomination and election of Arlene Samuels as Vice Chair
  • Presentation by AMB re: Retirement Savings Plan
    • Report presented
  • Presentation by FiduciaryVest – Jason Small – Investment Performance Report
  • Question from employees about Pension Portal
  • Question re: Investment Policy answered by Tony Rojas
  • Adjournment

Finance Committee Meeting

Present: Chairman Dwight Jones, Dr. Nissa Jones, Tony Rojas, Desmond Brown, Bill Howell, Michelle Wanna, Valerie Wynn, Frank Patterson, Sam Hart, Marvin Land, Guy Boyle, Heather Veal, R Shell

  • Audit by Miller Edwards of Mauldin & Jenkins. Debt Service Ratio is really good and it was considered a “clean” audit.
  • Awarding Bids
    1. 8” Sanitary sewer relocation – Helix Group
    2. Street Sweeping – Lots Appeal Environmental Services. Scope of work was reduced to fit budget.
    3. Reconditioning of trucks.  Alternative sought – voted to lease
    4. PLC – Programmable Logic Recorders for treatment processes. MWA are obsolete and all of them need replaced. The life of this will be about 10 years.
    5. Traveling Screen Project #3 — Atlas SSI
    6. CRM at risk Billingsley Building renovations – Warren and Associates
  • Discussion of MWA new Brand and Logo implementation timeline

Engineering Committee Meeting

Present: Frank Patterson, Desmond Brown, Sam Hart, Nissa Jones, Bill Howell, Dwight Jones, Tony Rojas, Valerie Wynn, David King, Michelle Wanna, R Shell, Tom Kelley

  • Stormwater Implementation Update – David King/Michelle Wanna. Guidebook draft complete
  • Discussion of messaging during pandemic
  • Discussion of Street Sweeping. Collected 15 tons in the last week and cleaned catch basins
  • Cutting of levy – needs it three times/year
  • Update on Progress of three capital projects
    • 3M gallon water tank
    • 12M gallon booster station
    • 20” water main extension
  • Update on $51.5M Renovation Projects by Haskell for the Rocky Creek Plant and Lower Poplar Plant.
    • Originally scheduled to be completed by May but extended with a change order.