Board of Elections meeting for May 20, 2021

Members present: Herbert Spangler (R), Joel Hazard (R), Karen Evans-Daniel (D), Mike Kaplan (I), Darius Maynard(D)


  • The Board spent 10 minutes in executive session to discuss property acquisition and pending litigation.
  • The OLOST election will be on November 2, 2021. The Board is waiting for the Commission to call for the election. There will be three weeks of early voting, with three sites available: the Board office, the Lucas Senior Center, and a recreation center. There will be two Saturdays as mandated by state law, and an option for two Sundays as decided locally in a future meeting. The sites will be open 9:00 to 5:00, and voters must be in line by 5:00 to vote. There are a total of 116,587 registered voters.
  • Census redistricting will probably not occur until next year; the State is behind schedule in that process.
  • Observers Henry Ficklin and Peter Taylor urged the Board to join in litigation against the state’s new voting law.
  • In closing, Chairman Darius Maynard commended the local staff for their efficiency and hard work.