Board of Elections Meeting for April 15, 2021

Members present: Herbert Spangler (R), Joel Hazard (R), Karen Evans-Daniel (D), Mike Kaplan (I), Darius Maynard(D).

Agenda Observations

  • Mike Kaplan is still serving on the Board pending the County selection of the independent member. Karen Evans-Daniel moved to have the Attorney write the County Commission expressing the urgency of an appointment, and that Kaplan be retained. The motion passed unanimously. Karen Evans-Daniel moved that Darius Maynard be elected Chairman; it passed unanimously. Herb Spangler moved for Joel Hazard to be elected as Vice- Chair, and it passed unanimously.
  • Board orientation, including education on Senate Bill 202, will be held on May 5.
  • House Bill 575, the OLOST, is on the Governor’s desk. The Commission is to select the referendum date, among June, September, and November. The Attorney anticipates that the election will be on November 2.
  • The fiscal year 2022 Budget submission was briefly discussed. It will be submitted to the County Commission, and that hearing date will be announced. A large item is payment to Dominion for election assistance and training, an expense previously paid by the State. Grant funds will be used by the extended deadline of June 30 to purchase several items, including cargo vans, PPE, tabulating equipment, portable voting booths and other items.
  • The Chief Registrar reported 109, 692 active registered voters, and 7,121 inactive.
  • Jeanetta Watson reported on the need for more office space and storage capacity.
  • Board members were advised to set up separate email accounts for Board communications, to keep personal communications separate and protected from Open Records Act requests.
  • A public workshop on Senate Bill 202 will be held.