Macon Water Authority meeting for April 1, 2021

Present: Frank Patterson, Dr. Nissa Jones, Bill Howell, Tony Rojas, Sam Hart, Desmond Brown, Dwight Jones, Valerie Wynn, Virgil Adams and Christi Ellington


Authority Minutes Approved

  • Authority Meeting 3/4/21
  • Executive Session 3/4/21
  • Finance Committee 3/18/21
  • Engineering Committee 3/18/21
  • Personnel Committee 3/18/21
  • Called Authority Meeting 3/18/21

Finance Committee:  Dwight Jones

  • Request from Monroe County to amend the existing IGA to purchase up to 5M gallons of water (increase from 2.5M gallons); Recommendation from Committee and Motion for Dwight Jones and Sam Hart to be able to negotiate; Passed unanimously.

Personnel Committee:  Dr. Jones, Chair

  • Recommendation to amend the previously approved request for Financial Analyst Position in anticipation of MWA assuming stormwater responsibilities in 2021 to Accountant Position. Passed Unanimously

Financial Report and Health Insurance Report: Guy Boyle

  • Flash report as of 2/28/21
  • Favorable report

Report of Executive Director: Tony Rojas

  • “Mr. Chips” plant accommodation because of plant burning elsewhere
  • Sewer Conveyance System
    • Darrell Macy made annual review report
      • 76 spills (35 or 46% are from WRF spills
      • 31 overflows
      • Promo materials shown – “toilet is not a trashcan”
      • Because of COVID, only had 25% of staff (and trucks) working
    • Benita Hodges, Promotion

Old Business

  • Paid Leave because of COVID
    • Have been voluntary extending paid leave to employees because of COVID related issues
    • American Rescue Plan Act – extends and adds reasons people can take leave
      • Law doesn’t extend pay; only leave
      • Gives new reasons (e.g. symptoms/tests, reaction to vaccine)
      • Allows reset to 80 hours
    • MWA wants to extend paying leave
    • Passed Unanimously

New Business

  • Consider the request to approve Task Release 004 with Jacobs Engineering for the Javors Lucas Reservoir Yield Study
    • Explanation by Mark Wyzalek
    • Necessitated by EPD request
    • Passed Unanimously

Referrals to Committees: Tony Rojas

  • Bid for parking lot at 3rd Street
  • Server Project (IT) to discuss with Board
  • Tax Assessor’s Office potentially collecting Stormwater Fee
  • Update on Stormwater Implementation
  • New Task Release to consider with Jacob
  • New Task Release with Carter Engineering
  • Overview of sewage rate charges

Executive Session