Macon-Bibb County Urban Development Authority meeting from Nov. 12, 2020

Members Present: Chris Sheridan, Alex Morrison (executive director), Kay Gerhardt (chair), Blake Sharpton, Susan Garcia, Victoria Jessie, Charles Richardson, Gregory Brown, Cole Thomason, Jan Beeland, Loretta Thomas, Ryan Griffin, Donesha Gibson (office manager), Sharon Erickson (from the Dempsey) and Joseph Brown

Agenda Items:

New Members Addition & Approval of the Minutes: Kay thanked the outgoing chair, Chris Sheridan. Welcomed Ryan Griffin as the new member of the UDA. Minor Typographical change in minutes noted. Change accepted.

Closed/Executive Session: Went into closed session from 8:45 – 9:10 a.m. Agenda noted it was to discuss potential acquisition of real estate by or from the Authority.

Financial Report: Suzy Garcia gave this. Monthly statement was discussed. Budget shortfall is less than expected because of unexpected revenue. Parking revenue is down $70,500, which is to be expected because of COVID (fewer people downtown).

Discussion Items
* Dempsey Update: 98% occupancy, by the beginning of December it will be at 99%. Back elevator is down again (has been down for a week). Laundry card machine is being repaired. The machine has been down for a week. Continuing problems with generator, but it will be up and running soon. All problems with the generator have been addressed. Ceiling tiles in commercial space are being installed. Some delay with delivery. Renters of commercial spaces need to be reminded that flooding is endemic and they shouldn’t store material on the floor. Discussion of lease agreements and how the problem of flooding should be addressed so responsibility for damage is explicit. No update on windows.

* Mill Hill Update: New phase of garden has been put in. Chad will finish the sodding next week. That will be the end of this project with just maintenance being required from here on in. On schedule to finish the new house first week of December. Now have access to newly vacant house as tenant has moved out. #223: Windows have been installed. Waiting for cabinets etc. Electrician is working this week. Once that work is finished ready for inspection. 359 Taylor. 2nd bathroom installation done. 395 Taylor. There is interest in that property. Discussion of minor changes to other houses. No news from Macon Art Alliance on idea to have artists decorate a house. There will be follow up. The UDA sees it crucial to involve artists involved in Mill Hill Project. Question raised of having a professional property manager. Short discussion of lease/purchase option. Decided to develop an ad hoc meeting to look into the various options for the development of the properties. The ad hoc committee will be appointed and meet in the next couple of weeks.

* Parking update: Plum St. property: The meters are ready to go. Parking Garage: Quotes are in from a number of roofing companies. Cars now do not have access to the roof. Work is being done on getting graffiti covered up.

Old Business
Peyton Anderson Foundation approved the dog park project. Rosa Park square scheduled improvements will begin soon. No further reports or updates on other projects. Notification of procedures: Annual election of officers in January.