Macon Water Authority Board: March 4, 2021

Macon Soils Inc. Board

Board Members Present: Frank Patterson, Chair, Dr. Anissa Jones, Sam Hart, Kate Kubeshekski, and Tony Rojas

Agenda Items

Approved minutes from Dec. 3

Macon Soils Operational Report.

  • Storage sheds 100% full now and also using outside storage
  • Wet weather made returns difficult
  • Haven’t been able to land apply since end of November 2020
  • Hauling to landfill in Houston County
  • Hardly keeping up with production
  • Hopeful about next week’s dry weather – hoping to begin soon

2. Financial Report. 58% below budget

Macon Water Authority Board

Present: Sam Hart, Chairman, Frank Patterson, Bill Howell, Tony Rojas, Dr. Nissa Jones, Dwight Jones, Valerie Wynn, Desmond Brown, Guy Boyle, Kate Kubesheski, and Virgil Adams

Approved Minutes from 9 meetings – Authority and Committee – held between 1/21/21 and 2/18/21

Report of Standing Committees

Finance Committee – Chairman Dwight Jones

  •  Accepted Fiscal Year 2020 Audit by Mauldin and Jenkins
  •  Approved a resolution permitting restricted and unrestricted reserves currently held to several BNY Mellon Investment accounts to be invested in the Georgia State Fund 1 Treasure Pool
  • Approved the purchase of two (2) new Vac-Con trucks for use in the Stormwater Utility and pass a resolution for the approval of

Engineering Committee – Chairman Patterson

  • Approved Task Release No. 001 with Jacobs Engineering for an Industrial Pretreatment Surcharge Review

Personnel Committee – Chairman Dr. Anissa Jones

  • Approved the Target Worker’s Compensation Mod for the Safety Incentive Program for fiscal year 2021

Review of Monthly Financial Report by Guy Boyle

  • Addressed historical issue with call volume and wait times.
    • Volume and Abandonment Rate – trending downward
    • Average Call handle time, Average Wait Time and Abandonment Rate trending down, October wait time was more than 17 minutes; January average wait time was 7:13 and February 3:17
  • Lobby is open again; soft opening this week; don’t know how that will affect customer call traffic
  • Stormwater Financials

Report of Executive Director – Tony Rojas

  • Turned over to Kate Kubesheski – Director of Wastewater Treatment. Better shape than last time. Effluent results are better. Able to run aerators non-stop. Still very chemical dependent on polymer we are bringing in. Removing a lot of solids. Feeding less polymer. In compliance since February 18th
  • Stormwater. Continue to have meetings with key customers (e.g. Board of Education) about stormwater. Stormwater fee begins January 1, 2022
  • Talked to Wynn and Howell about going before MB Commission
  • Scheduled Tour March 11th beginning at 8:00 am
  • March 25-26 Planning Retreat at Central GA Tech
  • No kids fishing derby this year due to pandemic.
  • Stocked first big pond with trout – usually have two stockings – this year only one delivery because no fishing derby

Referrals to Committees

  •  Bids referred to Finance
  • Branding for MWA and Stormwater
  • Update Engineering Committee on Stormwater Management Program
  • Plans to make improvements at or about Oakhaven Park – 3M gallon tank; met with Vineville Neighborhood Association about it
  • Heard from Monroe County that they approved contract that we had negotiated with them, but want to change contract to purchase more water (5M gallons)
  • How to deal with landscape and yard companies about fines for blowing debris into drains

Went into Executive Session for Pending litigation and Personnel Matters