Sophomore Embraces Singing At The Otis Music Camp

Jayla Kelley

Jayla Kelley says she will sing just about anything but country. At the Otis Music Camp, Kelley is focusing on a mixture of gospel and R&B music, which is her personal favorite to sing.

Photo by Keith Holmes Jr.

“My mom, she was a piano player, also a singer, so she basically raised me with music,” Kelley said.

As well as growing up with her mother’s musical influence, Kelley sang with her sister and posted videos of her singing online. After gaining confidence singing duets, she decided to go solo.

Before coming to the camp, Kelley participated in multiple talent shows at her school. The last time she performed, she won first place and got a standing ovation for her singing.

“I was nervous when I first went on stage, but as soon as I got on stage I felt confident and comfortable,” said Kelley. After winning the talent show for the first time, she realized that singing is what she would like to pursue as a career.

Kelley was encouraged to attend the Otis Music Camp by her chorus teacher, Mr. Gibson.

“So, Mr. Gibson, the last day of school, he told me about this place and he recommended it to me,” Kelley said.

At the Otis Camp, Kelley’s skills as a singer and pianist flourished along with her social acceptance of others. She has met many new people as well as expanded her knowledge of music at The Otis Music Camp.

“When I got here it was a different musical experience,” said Kelley.

Kelley feels that being at the camp has enhanced her love and appreciation of singing and also helped her learn about other types of music, such as the guitar, that pique her interest.

Kelley says that her musical knowledge has grown and she hopes to continue on the pathway to a musical career.