Lyrical Legacy (Best Gold Coin Moment 2016)

Edward Walker

Edward Walker sits poised behind a piano. His cell phone lights up with a photo of his father Eddie. This father-son duo has a bond so strong, they can compose and harmonize gospel music over the phone.

The 13-year-old typically plays with his father but says any time he is making music, even when they are not in the same location, they are connected.

“My dad is kind of like my vocal teacher — he gives me bits and pieces and nuggets of knowledge,” he said.

This is exactly how “God’s Got You” came to be. While Edward attended Otis Music Camp, the two came together in person and over the phone to formulate a song portraying how God has helped them through their struggle.

“My music has to do with His salvation”

Walker’s dad has battled multiple health issues, including cancer and cardiac complications that led to heart attacks.

Music always seemed to alleviate the family’s stress through times of hardship, which inspired Walker to follow in his father’s songwriting footsteps.

“My dad was a singer, so I always wanted to be a singer,” Walker said.

“God’s Got You” showcases a family relationship built on the continuation of a legacy and their mutual love of God.

“My music has to do with His salvation,” Walker said. Their collective love for Christ and one another crescendoed and acted as inspiration for Walker’s song.

“When I leave this place we call Earth, I would like to have a legacy that I can leave for the children I may want,” Walker said.