“Macon a change, If Juno what I mean”

Angel Collins

Angel Collins is ditching her Southern hometown of Macon, Georgia to start a brand new life in Juno, Alaska.

“Alaska’s going to be a major difference, but it won’t be a challenge not worth accepting,” she said.

“I think that the dynamic will be different, and I don’t know what it will be, but I’m interested to find out,” she said.

Collins has be deeply involved in revitalizing Macon’s downtown, particularly with her work in the art and film scenes.

“One of the things they say about Macon is that we get a lot of people right before they become big,” she said.

Collins wants to become an essential part of the Juno community the way she has been in Macon. Currently Collins is working at Middle Georgia State College. Before that she worked an eclectic assortment of jobs, from barista to freelance writer to local TV news.

Collins is steadily preparing herself for the cultural change in Alaska.

“The food is going to be different for sure. I’ve already been warned about how I’m not going to find my Southern pantry staples,” she said.

She expressed her love for Macon, and the South and general.

“The one downfall is that I’m moving to a city that can be used as a word just like Macon can. Macon whoopee, Juno what I’m talking about?” she said