BowFresh Bow Ties

Aaron Brown

The path of starting a business holds many setbacks and perils, but this hasn’t stopped young entrepreneur Aaron Brown.

23-year-old Brown is the owner of BowFresh, a store that sells custom, handmade bow ties and other accessories. BowFresh is located on New Street in Macon, Georgia. Brown opened his store on December 20, 2014, with the help of his mother.

“A lot of people just think Southern people aren’t into fashion, you know, we don’t have any style,” Brown said.

Barbara, Brown’s mother, was a seamstress for 30 years. Brown’s father, Michael, was also a tailor before moving to Georgia.

BowFresh is now a bricks-and-mortar store, but it’s roots lie in Facebook. In 2012, Brown posted pictures of bow ties on his personal Facebook page. Customers could contact Brown and order bow ties through his page.

The store is tiny, with no aisles. The shelves are filled with colorful, creative bow ties and the occasional picture of someone modeling them. There are racks of clothes, bags, and other accessories, but they do not overwhelm the room. Still in the beginning phases, BowFresh feels cozy and homy.

Brown’s primary advertisement is his Facebook page and through word of mouth. So far, Brown has drawn in customers this way.

“I think most of the stereotypes that we [Southerners] get, you know, are a lot about our style,” Brown said.

Brown enjoys creative activities like fashion and music. He also likes spending time with family and friends, and considers himself to be a full-fledged Southerner.