One simple recipe can bring a family together (Best Portrait 2018)

Stephanie Howard

From childhood to adulthood, it’s easy to get infatuated with fancy things such as cars, mansions, and even food. When it comes to food though, Stephanie Howard believes that “good food is simple food,” and that the memories associated with a dish are important too.

That’s exactly what her dad’s pasta salad does. Only requiring onions, tomatoes, Creole seasoning, and tri-colored pasta, it’s easy to see where he simplicity comes in. However, from one person to 15, everyone can have a job in preparing this dish. Howard’s dad, not usually keen on letting people in his kitchen, lets her whole family help with this dish, and that is where the memories are made.

When reflecting back, Howard explained that the most distinct memories were when times were hard financially and her dad taught her how to make the pasta salad with non-name-brand ingredients. The salad is always a little different from the last because her dad does not measure with actual tools.

However, one thing that remained constant was her dad’s smile. Always the first to cater in the church and cook for big holidays she says, “he shows love through his food.”

Keeping this recipe alive and the memories coming, the family is already preparing nieces and nephews with small jobs in preparing the salad.

“It’s all about the collective and being together. Every memory is different and special.”