Bears’ Beat Report: Sharing Living Space

Sharing a dorm with a fellow student is a major part of the college experience. But we’ve all heard horror stories about roommates people have, which raises the question: is it more harmful or beneficial to share a living space? I spoke with Mercer student Aliyah Dorsey about her thoughts on roommates in college.

“In my time here at Mercer, I’ve never had my own room, but I’ve had friends who have. It’s better because you get to have your own space. It’s kinda the full concept—you know, you never get to be alone when you don’t have your own room, so you just kinda wait until your roommate is gone or something else is happening. I personally feel it would be better if everyone had there own rooms, so that you have that time to yourself,” says Aliyah Dorsey.

Aliyah also stated that Mercer may benefit more housing that allows students to have their ownroom.

“I definitely feel that colleges should offer more options for single person housing. I just feel that when you’re first coming in to college, you’re thrust into this environment where you are constantly surrounded by people. Because like when you’re a freshman people tell you “oh yeah, do all these things, you have to constantly be with people all the time. It doesn’t really give you a chance to slow
down and have that moment to yourself. And there are moments when you need that,” she said. “I’ve struggled with mental health for a long time and sometimes it gets very frustrating because I can’t even come home and cry because my roommate is also there, and I don’t wanna be sobbing when my roommate is just trying to live her best life. I feel if there were more options for single room housing, I’d be able to have that alone and space, come to term with my emotions. Or if I’m having a bad day I can just close the door and know no one’s gonna be there. There’s some solace in that. Also, some people just do not live well with other people. You gotta understand that some people just can’t do the whole living in close quarters with others. It’s just not conclusive with every personality.