Bears’ Beat Report: Cruz Market


Mercer Student Government Association hosted a great event to showcase both local and Mercer students’ businesses.

Michaela Jones This is Cruz Market and we have student organizations like Quad Works and Shape and Traffick Jam is coming a little later and then we have local Macon businesses over here just selling some of their products… And then we have student businesses as well like Royalty Headwear… They all came today to create a table and kind of showcase things that their org or their business is doing and sell some products or just spread awareness about what their org work is. And then we also have food. So all the students can kind of drop by, socialize, get to know something more and enjoy a good time.

Sarai Mapp I think Cruise Market is a great opportunity for businesses on campus and also student organizations to give students give back to students. Of course, it’s paid for so it’s not free…But I think it’s a great opportunity for students to come out and mingle get free food and then find out about really cool organizations on campus as well. BP.