Bears’ Beat Report: Diversity in Schools


Eryn Lee: Diversity in schools is a key factor when it comes to creating an enriching environment for students of all ages. I spoke with a Mercer student about their experience with diversity in secondary education and why diversity is important.

Hannah Warren: Everyone at my school had a really similar background, so none of us really stood out and we all blended in. So Mercer was a really big change for me.

Everyone including the teachers were white. I think there were maybe a few younger students who were diverse, but for whatever reason they didn’t last very long or didn’t like it. So I didn’t have any diversity as far as that went. But at my church it’s still predominantly white, but there’s still a lot more diversity than their was in my high school.

I think diversity is really important because if you’re not around people who are different than you, you’re not really going to know how to work with or talk to other people in the “real” world. I think college is a really good place for us to interact with people are not the same. I mean no one here is the same person. We all come from different backgrounds and different places in life.

It’s really important that we’re different so we can learn from each other and handle problems if there are any.