Bears’ Beat Report: Parking Woes


It is safe to say that lack of parking as been a major complaint among students during this school year. While I have previous spoken with upperclassmen about the issue, this week I spoke with a freshman about her experience with Mercer’s parking, and what changes she wants done during her future years at Mercer.

Alaina Moore: Parking at Mercer is very limited. There’s not a lot of space for commuters, or even people living on campus. Teachers and commuters have to compete for parking with people in dorms. It’s very limited.What Mercer can do is actually build a parking lot. It’s not gonna ruin the beauty, I know it’s their main concern, but it’s not going to. It would make things so much easier for everyone. Not just commuters, or teachers or people on campus. Just a parking lot would make things 10x better. There’s a certain time of day where there’s no parking no matter where you go. Whether it’s spring semester or fall semester, it’s always crowded. More parking lots, please! It’ll make things 10x easier for people both on and off campus. If you love your professors, if you love your students, it’d be best if you gave as a parking lot. Thank you, Mercer.