Mercer Entertainment Review


Connor: Welcome back to this week’s episode of the Mercer entertainment review. I am with a new guest this week Cheyenne Hines and we are discussing Bumhouse productions. If you haven’t heard of Blumhouse they are a production company that makes low budget horror movies but it’s much more than that. So Cheyenne explain to me what Blumouse Productions is.

Cheyenne: So for me blumhouse is arguably one of my favorite production companies. I guess I’m really a thriller movie kind of person, and they mostly produce thrillers. They produced all of the Paranormal Activity movies, the Insidious movie, Sinister and The Purge movies. They recently produced get out, Truth or Dare, all sorts of those types movies and, like you said, they mainly work on low budgets and they always profit so much money because a lot of their movies just do so well. They have a lot of different directors who typically like I said work with low budgets and so many movies go straight to the theaters. But recently they put them on Netflix first for the newer directors. It was actually the first company that, well production company, that I did a review for.

Connor: So yeah Blumhouse, they have been around about 12 years give or take. And the first big one like you said was paranormal activity. And by low budget, so movie budgets can be anywhere from five 10, 20, or hundred million dollars if not more. Blumhouse works… Paranormal activities budget was five hundred thousand dollars… And how much movie money did that movie make? Millions. No, I mean like hundreds of millions of over five hundred thousand dollar budget. That’s a like ten thousand percent profit. Yeah. So with that formula… It’s called Blumhouse after Jason Blum the creator.

Connor: [00:02:08] He has just ran with it and movie after movie with low budgets under 10 million generally, usually around 5, if not less than a million like in paranormal activity’s case they just make money hand over fist. So recently they have worked on… The purge has been probably their biggest one, and then get out, and Us by Jordan Peele and they have been, That’s why we’re really talking about because US is just another fantastic win for them.

Cheyenne: Yeah and for it to be Jordan Peele’s second movie with them. I mean get out Just did phenomenal in the theater and I know Us obviously with the numbers, but now it’s doing just as good. It was super anticipated and also something that I noticed with us like ,looking at it from the trailer, it is something that’s a little different than their other movies. It’s more of a like a mind thriller. It went a lot more psychological than a lot of their other movies. So I think that’s going to be a really interesting part for me because it feels like a psychological movie.

Connor: Yeah it really fits into one House’s wheelhouse because the low budgets work because it’s really just heavily actor based there’s not a lot of CGI. There’s not like really intricate sets and stuff like that. It’s just one or two or a small handful of locations and just really good actors. Yes. And so a couple of the other ones that Bloom House have done. One that you’ve seen the Happy Death Day franchise. Like I said all four purges Sinister is another one that is just who is directed by James one which is the insidious series as well he’s a huge horror director. And so they have just exploded. Tell me a little about a little bit about Happy Death Day.

Cheyenne: And so the first one came out in 2017. It was maybe based on, It was kind of like in a way, like Groundhog Day but more like a teenage scary version of it. She dies, Then one day on her birthday and she wakes up every day on the exact same day and dies going to gain an advantage and figure out who her murderer is. So of course I mean… and they set it up. They set it up perfectly in 2017 for a sequel which was happy death day to you for this year, it just released back in February I think. And that movie which just probably one of my top favorite Blumouse productions. OK. For me for the first, I remember even saying after I watched it, I have no idea how they’re gonna make the second movie. Like, what kind of plot are they going to go from here.

Connor: [00:04:34] Sounds like it worked.

Cheyenne: Yeah it worked. I mean at least for me it did. And they kind of talk about something that’s already discussed in movies, but they talk about the multiverse and she actually goes into different parallel timelines and that really hasn’t been explored a lot in movies, especially not at all with a Blumhouse production yet. And I mean they just did it. They did a great job in my opinion of talking about the multiverse and going through the multiverse and involving other characters than just her in the death day. So it was just it was a good hit for me. I really enjoyed it.

Connor: So Blumhouse has got multiverse, scary movies, Thriller movies, psychological movies, really anything you want to watch in that general area. One house is got and so they just did. Happy Death Day, to us by Jordan Peele just came out, it is exploding it’s already made over one hundred plus million off of a minimal budget. Last Friday, it came out two weeks ago I believe so. It’s really just exploded and this is all a testament to Jason Blum and his production company which really just came out of nowhere with Paranormal Activity and honestly almost all of your favorite four franchises of the last ten years have come from Blumhouse. Yeah. So we’ve got them to thank. Go out and watch us in theaters. Cheyenne thank you for joining me on this week’s episode. I’m Connor Cable for the Bears beat. Have a great week everyone.