Bears’ Beat Report: Study Tips


The spring semester here at Mercer university is starting to go into full swing. But that being said it’s important for students to know what needs to be done to stay on top of their classes. Spring semester is a fresh start with new courses. It’s also a great time to reinvent your studying skills and find what works for you and what doesn’t. Who would be better to give advice about studying other than the students who do it on a daily basis.

Ayanna, a junior nursing major, gave a few of her pointers when it comes to good studying.

“One of my number one study tips would be study like in advance. Not the day before–so maybe like three or four days before class. I mean for before your test and then like before you go to class,” says Ayanna Reid. “It Is easier to just read and take your own notes on materials that’s for your class and then when you need to class you don’t have to spend as much time taking notes. You can just listen and then it’s like you’re getting the same information twice.”

For some, it’s more important to be aware of what and who you have around you when studying. For Shruthi, a senior majoring in biomedical engineering, surroundings are very important when it comes to studying.

“So I what I like to do when I study is always have my distractions like out of the table just so that I don’t get tempted to look at things or do something else other than what I am trying to study. I also like to stay hydrated, and I always have some coffee on me to keep me awake”, says Shruthi Vikraman. “If I do need a break know I don’t force myself because I’ll just hate what I’m doing and sometimes I’ll go talk to people. I like being social settings like in the library because if I’m in my room I’ll feel crazy. Other than that, I like to usually have like a sticky note of things that I have to do. And I like crossing them off so it makes me feel good when I get things done. And yeah I just try to be as focused as I can.”