Bear’s Beat Report: The Future of Marvel


Connor Cable: Hello everyone, I am here again with my good friend Daniel Tolbert, and guess what! We have been renewed! We are back and longer, but it is not the 90-second movie show anymore, that is the former name, we are now the Mercer Entertainment review! We are talking about movies and video games, and TV shows and music, a whole bunch of stuff. But we are talking about movies again this week, so we are back again with Daniel.

This week we are talking about the future of Marvel. With all the huge Marvel movies that have come out recently and the ones that are on the horizon, there is a whole lot going. So where have we left off at the end of Infinity war, what happened? Also, spoilers!

Daniel Tolbert: I would definitely go watch it, it’s on Netflix now, so definitely go do that. When we get to the end of Infinity War, we are kind of left off on a cliffhanger where most of the cast has disappeared and we don’t know where they are. There are a lot of theories circulating. If they died, or if they moved on to different universes or different time zones, anything like that where there are a lot of different universes are in play in Marvel, especially when you get in deeper into the comic lore. And you see Samuel L. Jackson’s character Nick Fury, you see him press on a pager essentially to call Captain Marvel, which is the next movie that we are coming up to see in the Universe.

Connor Cable: As a movie production company for Disney, it would be really stupid to kill off all their characters, so it stands to reason that most of if not all of them are coming back, but we don’t know for sure! We just don’t, so the next movie we have in the lineup is Captain Marvel, which is coming out in March. Now this is a big deal for a number of reasons, it is the first female-led superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic  Universe, and it is also a prequel of sorts. It takes place in the 70s, 80s, 90s, before the first, before almost all of the avengers’ films, except for the first captain America. It is an origin story, and we are excited for it.

Daniel Tolbert: As a personal thing I kind of avoid trailers just because I think it spoils the narrative flow of a film, so in terms of just, I kind of know who is in it, and I know a little bit about Captain Marvels backstory from the comics, I don’t know what all they are going to put in the film, but I am very interested in the kind of villains they are going to take from her universe and the way they re going to introduce her and her kind of character and the way she gets introduced into the entire story that overarches with the Avengers.

Connor Cable: And it ties in very well because it also has Samuel L Jackson, which is not a big spoiler because he has been in the series for quite some time now. It is looking very very good. As someone who has seen the trailer, I wont give anything away, it looks phenomenal so far and I am very excited for it. Captain Marvel is going to lead directly into the next Avengers movie, Avengers 4. Now, this is what everyone is waiting for, We will get to see if everyone comes back to life, if everyone is still snapped away for good, and what happens with Thanos? Where is ant man? Where is Hawkeye? There are all these characters that were not even in the first one? I have not been this excited for a movie in years.

Daniel Tolbert: I always buy the tickets right when they come out, you always have to get them as soon as you can.

Connor Cable: I’ll be there day one, certainly. And you know, it is going to be an end of a chapter for Marvel! This has been over ten years. It has been what, 12 years since the start? What does the future hold for Marvel? Spiderman is on the horizon, that is after Avengers 4 though. Avengers 4 seems like a natural stopping point, but of course, they are not going to stop. We have Spiderman and who knows what else down the pipeline, what do you think is the future for Marvel?

Daniel Tolbert: If they are still making money, they will still pump out a lot of individual movies. I think what we had with the base Avengers getting their own solo movies, and the spinoffs introducing new characters, I think the secondary characters might start to get their own movies. For example, I know that there is talks about having a Black Widow movie with Scarlett Johansson, there are a couple movies that  they might turn into things, maybe a little bit better than the DC universe and their Suicide Squad villains origin story, and Marvel’s Venom which is already up for a reboot through Sony, I am kind of looking to see that they can weave the Sony properties together with the Marvel properties that Disney has.

Connor Cable: There are a whole bunch of different ways that Disney and Sony and all these other companies can go. The end of Avengers 4 might spell the end for some of our favorite characters, hopefully not, but that’s the way it goes. It has been 10-12 years running. But the future for Marvel is very very bright. Captain Marvel is coming out in March. Avengers 4 is coming out in April, and the next Spiderman movie is in July. So 2019 is a big year for   Movies. Thank you so much for joining me Daniel Tolbert for joining me, this is the Mercer Entertainment Review, formerly the 90-second movie show.