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The Candidates for Bibb County School Board District 3 seat

Kristin Hanlon is running for a second term as the District 3 representative on the Bibb County School Board and facing opposition from Barbara Fike, who is seeking office for the first time. The race is nonpartisan.

The Murphy Center for Collaborative Journalism and its partners the Georgia Trust for Local News, GPB and 13WMAZ contacted the candidates to share their platforms and reasons for seeking elected office.

Below is an edited version of what we received.

Kristin Hanlon

Bibb County School District 3 Board Member Kristin Hanlon (Provided)

Kristin Hanlon, 60, is a credit risk officer with Citizens Trust Bank, and has a degree in Accounting and Finance.

Prior to her election to the school board, Hanlon served on the Citizen’s ESPLOST Committee and held various volunteer roles within the school district at Porter Elementary and Rutland High School. Outside of education, Hanlon also was treasurer for the Career Women’s Network, an ambassador for the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, a cantor with St. Joseph Catholic Church and treasurer for the Macon Downtown Council.

Q. What are you running for re-election?

A. “I am running for office to continue and expand upon the work the current board started four years ago. In the last four years, we have made decisions regarding redistricting, hiring of a new superintendent and adoption of a five year strategic plan. Monitoring improvements in student achievement via implementation of the strategic plan will be critical. Additionally, with the expiration of ARP and CARES funds post-Covid, a number of difficult decisions will need to be made to ensure the best and most qualified personnel choose BCSD to begin or continue their careers, whether certified or classified. Those decisions will include cost-cutting, rezoning and right-sizing of schools and protecting the interests of taxpayers.”

Q: What are your plans for improving Macon-Bibb if re-elected?

A: Hanlon said she would ensure implementation of the strategic plan to drive improvements in student achievement and move toward a 100 percent graduation rate, support programs that improve student safety, encourage policies that improve student attendance, implement transportation options for children in walk zones who may face issues with pedestrian safety or inclement weather, support teachers and new hires with competitive pay and a salary scale for classified staff, expand Career, Technical & Agricultural (CTAE) opportunities beginning in elementary, increase arts and physical education (PE) options, expand options for students aging out of the system, and improve community perceptions of the school system. 


Barbare Fike

Barbara Fike, candidate for Bibb County School Board District 3 (Provided)

Barbara Fike, 62, is a homemaker and home educator, who has held previous leadership roles with BSF International, Scripture Memory Fellowship, and Classical Conversations. Fike has a degree in English and completed additional coursework in educations.

Q: Why are you running for office?

A: “I would like to strengthen Bibb County by encouraging all citizens to take an active role in promoting integrity in education.This could be accomplished cooperatively over time by giving consideration to careful use of taxpayer money in our schools, providing the essential elements of a quality education, leading our youth in wise practices that promote mental and moral well being, strengthening parents and educators in their roles, promoting a love for our country and a desire for good citizenship, and encouraging churches and community groups to actively invest in the youth of the community. Care would be exercised to incorporate principles that have proven effective over time and would strengthen and uplift the students, families, and community.”


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