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The Candidates for Macon-Bibb County Commission District 9

Four candidates — Brendalyn Bailey, Thomas Hudson, Renoalda Scott and Greg Turner, are vying for the Macon-Bibb County Commission District 9 seat.

The seat was previously held by Al Tillman, who was not eligible to run again because of term limits but resigned in January. Brendalyn Bailey was appointed to serve out his term, which ends in December. The district covers parts of west Macon around Mercer University Drive and Log Cabin Road.

The Murphy Center for Collaborative Journalism and its partners the Georgia Trust for Local News, GPB and 13WMAZ contacted the candidates to share their platforms and reasons for seeking elected office.

Below is an edited version of what we received. Hudson did not respond to our requests for information.

Brendalyn Bailey

Brendalyn Bailey

Brendalyn Bailey, 58, is a retired educator of Central Georgia Technical College, and the incumbent candidate for Macon Bibb County Commission District 9, where she has lived for her whole life.

Bailey has served in the military, as a Public Notary, a board member and mentor for Central and Southwest High School, and is a member of Greater Bellevue Baptist Church.

She said she wants to continue serving the community of her roots and her family. She said she especially wanted to bring more public local intervention services to District 9, along with business tax incentives and better roads.

Q: Why are you running for office?

A: “I am well vested in my community. My father, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles still live here in District 9. I grew-up with the people of this area and knew many of their mothers and fathers and grandparents. Therefore, they also know mines. I feel a strong obligation to help my community to hold on to its culture, and to further define itself throughout this Millenium.

Simply, “District 9 is my family.” My father is Alvin M. Bailey and My Grandfathers were Alvin Middleton and Lemual Hallman. My grandmothers were Mary Bailey and Gladies Hallman – all citizens of District 9.”

Q: What are your plans and ideas for improving Macon/Bibb if elected?

A: “My plan is to help my District to define itself and retain its cultural significant. I will stive to effectively listen to my community and act upon its needs: better roads, safer neighborhoods, tax incentives for businesses and more public local intervention services and resources – active in community.”


Renoalda Scott

Renoalda Scott, candidate for Macon-Bibb County Commission District 9 (Provided)

Renoalda Scott, 42, is a lifetime resident of Macon-Bibb County. She is seeking election to the County Commission to the District 9 seat.

Scott is the Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator for Macon Housing Authority, and she works as a Certified Housing Specialist and Tax Preparer when she worked with VITA TAX through the IRS. 

She said she feels a deep sense of responsibility for her hometown, and she wants to contribute more to the prosperity of Macon-Bibb. “It’s about a heartfelt commitment to seeing our community thrive,” she told the Macon Newsroom.

Q: Why are you running for office?

A: I am running for this community that I have witnessed endure hardships from my upbringing at the age of 10 to the present day. It’s a responsibility I deeply feel to give back and contribute to the prosperity of the place that shaped me. As a homegrown member of this community, I understand its unique challenges and opportunities firsthand.

My journey from childhood to adulthood has been intertwined with the struggles and triumphs of this community. Now, I see it as my duty to channel that firsthand knowledge and experience into making a positive difference. I am committed to leveraging my roots, understanding, and passion to foster growth, resilience, and prosperity within our community.

This isn’t just about seeking a position; it’s about a heartfelt commitment to seeing our community thrive. I believe that by working together, drawing from our shared experiences, and embracing our collective strengths, we can build a brighter future for generations to come.

Q: What are your plans and ideas for improving Macon/Bibb if elected?

A: As Commissioner, I am committed to remaining actively involved in meeting the community’s needs, understanding the struggles encompassing issues like violence and sleepless nights.  My mission is to keep assisting the people of the community.


Gregory Turner

Gregory Turner, candidate for Macon-Bibb County Commission District 9. (Shenard Ross)

Gregory Turner, 76, is running for Commissioner of District 9. Turner is a Vietnam Veteran, and has lived in Macon his whole life outside of being moved around for his career. 

He has served Macon as the associate pastor and Sunday school teacher at Greater Zion Hill Baptist, a past board member of the EOC, a team leader for 1,000 Women Strong, and as a legal administrative assistant for the 92nd Engineering Battalion and the 84th Ordnance Battalion.

Q: Why are you running for office?

A: I want to do for District 9 and Macon as a whole. I want people to have a voice and know that they have a representative who cares about their needs, wants, and concerns.

Safety: Addressing issues like lighting, neighborhood watch, pedestrian safety, and road hazards. See click fix is a great tool, working to maximize the effectiveness of this tool as well as develop relationships to ensure a safe community.

Blight: Resources for elderly maintenance, tool loans, façade grants, targeted clean ups, and Heirs properties. Affordable Housing: Work with local agencies and private investors to build houses and transition people from apartments to homes.

Economic Growth: work with the school system and partners to guide high school students to learn the jobs and careers of the future, high demand trades, and partner to get apprenticeships to expose our youth to different jobs that will be their foundation to be a productive tax paying citizen. Promote entrepreneurs and businesses in the district.

Veteran Concerns: Making sure they first have the tools they need to come home and be able to contribute their life experiences to not only for District 9, but for Macon as a whole. The sacrifices they have made are NEVER in vain or unappreciated. We want to humbly ask them to use their skills to guide the youth who have not had the opportunity YET to see the world they have.

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