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The Candidates for Macon-Bibb Commission District 8

Four candidates — Danny Angelo, Donice Bryant, Kim Jenkins and Michele Parks — are seeking to be the next Macon-Bibb County District 8 as Virgil Watkins Jr. hits his term limit and can not run for re-election. The district runs along parts of cental, south and west Macon to include areas around parts of Eisenhower Parkway, Rocky Creek Road and Heath Road.

The Murphy Center for Collaborative Journalism and its partners the Georgia Trust for Local News, GPB and 13WMAZ contacted the candidates to share their platforms and reasons for seeking elected office.

Below is an edited version of what we received. Jenkins did not respond to our requests for information.

Danny Angelo

Danny Angelo, who is a candidate for the Macon-Bibb County District 8 Commission seat.

Daniel “Danny” Angelo II, 61, was a firefighter and paramedic for the Macon-Bibb Fire Department, and is the owner-operator of Angelo Plumbing. He has lived in Macon, GA for 55 years and is running for County Commission District 8.

Angelo has served on the Fire and Police Pension Board for Macon-Bibb county, as well as the MBC Firefighter Association, and is the current chair of the Fire Credit Union BoD.

Angelo wants to foster a sense of community pride, and, if elected, intends to work on raising pay for firefighters and police officers, as well as continuing environmental cleanup efforts and the #blightfight.

Q: Why are you running for office?

A: I am a dedicated and passionate individual committed to making a positive impact in our community.

Q: What are your plans and ideas for improving Macon/Bibb if elected?

A: I am committed to bolstering public safety by advocating for increased pay for sheriff and fire personnel, crucial for retaining skilled individuals dedicated to our community’s security. My focus extends to ongoing blight removal and environmental cleanup initiatives, vital for enhancing neighborhood aesthetics and fostering community pride. Additionally, I aim to prioritize road repairs and infrastructure improvements, ensuring safe and reliable transportation for all residents. By streamlining inspection processes and revisiting fees, I seek to simplify the building process in Bibb, stimulating economic growth and expanding our tax base. These multifaceted efforts align with my vision to create a safer, cleaner, and more prosperous environment for all residents, ultimately boosting tax revenue.


Donice Bryant

Donice Bryant, candidate for Macon-Bibb County Commission District 8. (Provided)

Donice Bryant, 53, is a Middle Georgia native who has volunteered with Alternate Life Path and House of Hope in Atlanta. She said she wants to serve her community as the new Commissioner for Macon-Bibb County District 8. Bryant has worked with the sheriff’s office for 25 years.

She said her mission is to return to the core values of caring for and supporting the citizens of Macon-Bibb County. “I believe in the power of doing good for our community, knowing that such efforts will bring about positive returns for us all,” she wrote.

Q: Why are you running for office?

A: To serve my community.

Q: What are your plans and ideas for improving Macon/Bibb if elected?

A: Economic Development: I am committed to working closely with businesses, both small and large, to create job opportunities for our youth and citizens, thereby enhancing our local economy and tax revenue. Public Safety: Ensuring the safety of our communities is paramount. I will support our police and firefighters to maintain peace and security across all neighborhoods. Infrastructure Improvement: A key focus will be on repairing roads and enhancing neighborhood safety through the strategic placement of surveillance cameras. Revitalization of Abandoned Properties: Addressing the issue of vacant buildings within District 8 to foster community development and utilization of space.


Michele Parks

Michelle Parks, candidate for Macon-Bibb County Commission District 8. (Provided)

Michele Parks, 53, is running for the Commissioner of District 8 of Macon-Bibb County. Parks works as a Case Manager for Benchmark Human Services.

She moved to Middle Georgia when she was five and has lived here for 49 years, with 20 of them in Macon. Parks serves on the Middle Georgia Regional Council, on the Macon-Bibb Board of Elections, as a Group Counselor for Youth in the Macon Area, cofounder of a neighborhood watch in Grayshire Landing Apartments and as a volunteer for the RISE Initiative.

Parks intends, if elected, to leverage her experience in social services to pull up Macon-Bibb with improved mental health services.

Q: Why are you running for office?

A: I am seeking office because I am deeply invested in improving our community. After watching officials come and go without much progress, I am ready to put my 32 years of experience in the social services field, specializing in mental health, to work for the people of Macon-Bibb. Our city is rising to great success due to our current government and I feel as Macon rises so should its citizens. My top priority is to uplift our citizens, and I believe that by addressing issues like poverty, crime, affordable housing, and social cohesion, we can create a brighter future for Macon-Bibb County Georgia. I have researched and developed a plan that could increase income for every citizen in Macon-Bibb County Georgia.

This story was edited to correct that Commission District 8 is currently represented by Virgil Watkins Jr.

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