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The Candidates for Bibb County Sheriff

Three former Bibb County Sheriff’s Office employees are seeking to unseat David Davis, who has held the county’s top law enforcement position since 2013 and is seeking re-election to a fourth term.  The other candidates in the race are DeAndre Hall, Chris Patterson and Chris Paul. 

All four candidates are running as Democrats.

Two other candidates — Marshall Hughes and Ronald Rodgers — were in the initial qualifying, but were later taken off the ballot following a 3-2 vote from the Board of Elections that neither candidate took an additional qualifying step required of sheriff’s candidates to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check. Both appealed the decision to Superior Court, but the ruling to remove them from the ballot was upheld.

The Murphy Center for Collaborative Journalism and its partners the Georgia Trust for Local News, GPB and 13WMAZ contacted the candidates to share their platforms and reasons for seeking elected office.

Below is an edited version of what we received. Paul did not respond to our requests for information, but he does have a website.

David Davis

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis (Provided)

David Davis, 67, is a Macon native and has worked in the sheriff’s office since 1979. 

Davis, who graduated from the 212th session of the FBI National Academy, serves in a number of other law enforcement organizations. This includes the Standards and Training Committee for the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, the FBI National Academy Associates, the Peace Officers Association of Georgia, the Fraternal Order of Police, the National Sheriffs’ Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the American Jail Association and the Georgia State Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board. Davis also was appointed by Gov. Brian Kemp to the state’s Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group.

Q. Why are you running for re-election?

A. I am running for re-election because I want to continue to foster a culture of trust between law enforcement and the community, ensuring that our actions are guided by fairness and equality, and that the demographic make-up of the Sheriff’s Office mirrors that of our community. I also want to continue community initiatives I began, including the CHAMPS Program in the schools and the Safety Walk program in neighborhoods throughout Macon-Bibb County. I also want to continue overseeing the Sheriff’s Response Team (SRT) to address troubling crime concerns in Macon-Bibb County. I will continue to work tirelessly to bridge the divide, to heal wounds, and to forge a united front against violence. Having been born and raised here, I love this community and want to see it flourish for all its citizens.

Q. What are your plans for improving Macon-Bibb if re-elected?

A. According to his website, Davis lists “Together. Stronger. Every Street” as what embodies the essence of his campaign. He writes, “It signifies our shared responsibility to create a community that is resilient, united, and empowered. Under my leadership, we will continue to invest in advanced technology, modern video monitoring systems, and data-driven strategies to proactively identify and apprehend those who seek to harm our citizens. Our fight to overcome community challenges requires the active participation of every citizen. Working collaboratively with local organizations, businesses, and faith-based groups, we will enhance our existing network of support that addresses the root causes of crime and provides opportunities for growth, education, and empowerment. We will intensify our focus on early intervention and prevention programs, particularly for our youngest citizens. We will create safe spaces and positive outlets for our young people, guiding them away from the destructive path of violence, towards a future filled with hope, ambition, and opportunity.”


DeAndre Hall

DeAndre Hall, candidate for Bibb County Sheriff. (Provided)

Deandre Hall 35, is seeking to be the next Bibb County Sheriff following 14 years of law enforcement work in Macon and Bibb County.

A Macon native, Hall began his law enforcement career with the Georgia Department of Corrections and then joined the former Macon Police Department in 2011. Hall moved to the sheriff’s office in 2014 following the consolidation of Macon and Bibb County. In Bibb, he worked as a deputy and later spent five years as a homicide investigator.  Hall also was a member of the Macon-Bibb Hostage Negotiation Team. He currently works as a sergeant in the Fort Valley Police Department’s investigations division.

Q. Why are you running for election?

 A. t’s time for a younger sheriff with fresh perspective with new, innovative ideas. On his website, he added, “ While appreciative of the knowledge and experience the Sheriff’s Department has provided me with, it’s time to introduce fresh innovative ideas that’s up to date with the culture of our Community and the Sheriff’s Department. Macon is growing rapidly and we should be growing with it not against it.”

Q What are you plans for improving Macon-Bibb if elected?

A: Hall said he would focus on retention and growth, reforming the juvenile justice system, embarking on a new correctional facility and implementing a pay scale and incentives for sheriff’s office employees.

Hall also wants to establish a law enforcement precinct back on the middle of downtown. “Downtown has long been recognized as a hub for entertainment (and) drawing visitors near and far,” he wrote. “I would like to ensure continued growth and prosperity.”

On his website, Hall notes he would like to minimize law enforcement response times and see a sustained decline in criminal activity. 


Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson, 55, is a retired captain in the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and is seeking election to serve as sheriff. Patterson was born in Kentucky but has spent most of his life in Macon.

During his 32-year law enforcement career, Patterson worked in corrections, patrol and the drug unit, according to his website.  As a captain, he was responsible for leading and commanding other deputies

Q.Why are you running for office?

A. To lead the direction of change, reverse the deterioration of standards and practices in Bibb County Sheriff’s Dept. To implement accountability and earn respect of community and residents. This is not the department I joined 32 years ago, back when Ray Wilkes was Sheriff.

Q. What are your plans for improving Macon-Bibb if elected?

A. “Before the sheriff’s office can help the citizens of Macon and Bibb County and be effective against crime, the sheriff’s office itself needs to be repaired,” Patterson wrote.. He said the sheriff’s office offers low pay and a lack of leadership.

Right now, the Bibb County Sheriff’s office is the largest law enforcement agency in the region, but has one of the lowest paying salaries in the region,” Patterson wrote. 

He also wants to do more recruiting to include a cadet program that would encourage younger people to get into law enforcement and trying to enticing retirees to return. Patterson said he will make merit-based promotions and provide bonuses for training. 

“To combat crime in Bibb County, I will adopt ” broken windows approach”, correcting crime from the smallest level. To combat this: panhandling, drug crimes, traffic violations, and gambling laws will be enforced,” Patterson wrote. “An aggressive approach to combat crime is a necessity to making Macon and Bibb County a safer place to live and to visit.”

He also said he would continue the work of the CHAMPS program to help at-risk youth and Neighborhood Watch.


Chris Paul

Chris Paul, 46, works in code enforcement, but spend decades in law enforcement as a sergeant in the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and as executive director of Macon Regional Crimestoppers.

Q. Why are you running for office?

A. Paul’s website said he is running for sheriff to make Macon-Bibb a better place.  “I don’t care about the accolades or money—I care about the people of Macon-Bibb and their well-being,” he writes on his site. “Alongside other first responders, I want to make Macon-Bibb safer for our seniors, more valuable to our youth, and more vibrant for the economy.” He lists five issues: Lack of leadership, jail deputies forced to check block solo, inadequately secured and staffed jail, increased homicide rates, and outside ideas of current sheriff Davis.

Q. What are your plans for improving Macon-Bibb if elected?

A. Paul did not respond to our request for this information and his website doesn’t address his plans.


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