Macon-Bibb County Urban Development Authority for Oct. 28, 2020

Members Present: Chris Sheridan (chair), Alex Morrison (executive director), Kay Gerhardt, Charles Richardson, Jan Beeland, Cole Thomason, Blake Sharpton, Victoria Jessie, Loretta Thomas and Donesha Gibson (office manager)

Agenda Item: Mill Hill Updates (Alex)

1. We have confirmation that Ms. Barbara is going to move to Pleasant Hill next week (She is approved to move on Monday). Housing Authority has confirmed this.
2. Chris: The next property will be finished the first week of December.
3. Discussion of doors and furnishings for this house and future projects. Plumbing work on Hydrolia Street house will start today. General discussion of maintenance issues that need to addressed in the near future.
4. Houses for sale: Clear commitment that these properties should be for home owners, and should not be purchased in order to rent.
5. 22 people visited during the Open House. There has been follow up with those who showed interest in buying. The members of the authority stressed the need to maintain focus on attracting artists (artist housing).
6. Talked about partnering with the Arts Alliance rather than having a general Open House to provide information about the properties for sale. General agreement that more targeted work focusing on artists would be useful. The authority discussed how they can more effectively partner with arts institutions, such as the Arts Alliance, and their upcoming events. Lots of interest in ideas such as having an artist, or artists, decorate one of the houses for the holidays.
7. 317 Green Street getting ready to go out for bid.