The Faces Behind Mercer Athletics


c/o Mercer Athletics

In order for a successful athletic event to be put on, it requires the hard work of many people in many different departments. While the players and coaches are obviously vital in college athletics, the behind the scenes staff is what gives players and coaches the opportunity to shine. Today, we will take a look at a few of the people who work hard to make athletic events at Mercer University a possibility.  

Mitch Robinson, Photographer

Mitch Robinson is one of Mercer’s sports photographers. He has shot nearly every sport at Mercer, and his photos are used to market games, for social media, and for the athletics website. Mitch’s favorite sports to shoot are baseball and softball. When asked what he wanted people to know about Mercer Athletics, Mitch wanted to stress that athletic events go much deeper than the game. From marketing to pictures to gameday setup, Mercer Athletics runs far deeper than the on field/on court product.

Steve McCall, Athletics Coordinator

Steve McCall has been working for Mercer Athletics for two years. Prior to his time in Macon, Steve worked in sports marketing and promotion for 30 years, so he is no stranger to the world of athletics. At Mercer, Steve works with every sport. Steve is in charge of setting up fields/courts for every home game. From setting up volleyball nets, to painting lines on the soccer field, Steve does it all. Steve wants people to know that he loves all Mercer athletes like they are his own kids.

Koki Ikeda, Athletic Trainer

Koki Ikeda is just one of Mercer’s many athletic trainers. From providing treatment to keeping everyone hydrated to injury prevention, the role of athletic trainer is a nonstop job. Coming to Macon by way of Fukuoka, Japan, Koki has primarily worked with baseball, but has helped a number of athletes from multiple teams. Koki’s favorite part of working with Mercer athletics is the people he works with day in and day out. Both the athletes he treats and his fellow athletic trainers are great people and put a smile on Koki’s face. 

Toby, Lovable Mascot

What would a Mercer athletics event be without everyone’s favorite mascot? According to the Mercer website, a 1949 student body vote resulted in the Bear’s mascot being named Toby. Ever since, Toby has found his way into Mercer fans’ hearts. On any given gameday, Toby can be found dancing, cheering, interacting with fans, and putting a smile on everyone’s face. When asked what Toby loved about Mercer, he remained silent, but gave two furry thumbs up! Cute!