How to Get Kids to Wear A Mask


The Covid-19 does not seem like it is ending anytime soon. As we approach August and many children will be going back to school, parents across the country are doing their best to keep their kids safe. It can be hard to get kids to follow any rules but especially ones that can be distracting and uncomfortable for young kids, like wearing a mask. Here are five ways you can convince and encourage your kids to wear a mask. 

Get masks in the right size 

An ill fitting mask is an ineffective mask. To prevent a mask from constantly slipping off your child’s face make sure that you’re getting the right size. Many masks from online sellers and made for adult size faces and on a child’s face they can be distracting or slip off. When searching for a face mask for your child, make sure that it is in a child’s size, this way they will be both safe and comfortable 

Get masks with fun patterns and characters 

Covid-19 has been a part of our lives for many months. Because of this, a face mask has become like another piece of clothing we all have to put on in the morning like our shoes and shirts. Similar to when you shop for your kids back to school clothes and you look for outfits featuring your child’s favorite characters, look for face masks in the same way. It will be much easier to convince your kid to wear a face mask when it’s bright, colorful, and reminds them of some of their favorite things. 

Wear a mask around your kids 

Given that masks are an essential part of our lives, this one is a bit of a no brainer. Kids will often mimic older people’s behavior and so if every older person around them is practicing good behaviors then they will too. So make sure that when you’re with your kids you are always wearing a mask. 

Make a reward system 

Kids will do anything if they know they are going to receive a treat for it. When you are out with your child you can strike a deal with them. If they wear their mask all day or during school, they can have a reward of some kind. This reward can be a special dessert or extra TV time, any reward that would encourage your child to do their best to wear their mask during the day. 

Be frank and up front with your child 

The world is really scary right now and many children are certainly feeling a lot of fear right now. Take some time to explain what’s happening in the world to your kids. Tell them that a lot of people are getting really sick and the way that you keep yourself and your other classmates safe is by wearing a mask. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for, we should treat them like it. 

Covid-19 may be with us for a while. In the meantime, we all have to be prepared and try our best to keep kids prepared and safe.