Thoughts We Have While Preparing for an Internship

Thoughts We Have While Preparing for an Internship

Getting ready for your first summer internship is exciting but can bring on a slew of emotions. You have a lot of things to get in order in a short amount of time, all while trying to finish the semester strong. Here are 7 thoughts you might have while preparing for a summer internship:

1. Where am I going to live?

Finding short-term housing in a new city can be an extremely difficult and daunting task. You just want somewhere that has a bed, shower and wi-fi.


2. Everything is so expensive!

Rent. Furniture. Utility bills. It’s all so pricey!

3. My stipend and hourly wage isn’t so much after all.

If you’re lucky enough to get a paid internship, when you are first offered a living stipend or salary it seems like a ton, then you add up rent and moving costs…

4. I’m going to miss my friends and family!

Moving the farthest away you’ve ever been from your family and friends can be difficult, but remember there’s always the weekend for visits home or to have visitors in your new city!

5. I’m so nervous!

Preparing for your first internship can be nerve-wracking. Just remember you have gotten this far so you will do great!

6. I’m so excited!

 While you might be nervous for your summer internship you are probably excited too! Getting your first internship is a big step forward in your career. Celebrate and get excited for all the learning opportunities and fun you will have this summer!

7. Wow, I’m actually going to be productive this summer!

While you will have time to relax and have fun, being productive and advancing your career over the summer is definitely better than sitting at home doing nothing for days at a time. It will also give you a taste of the real world.