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5 Best Neighborhoods in Macon


For Macon Georgia, there’s no time like the present. The city, following several decades of decline is finally experiencing growth as more jobs are created and more and more people are moving to cities. For people looking to get out of the country without living in a large city, Macon has much to offer in the way of history, soul, and modern urban livability all without being too far from places that do still offer a rural feel. Here are 5 examples of great places to live that will each allow you to experience some of the best middle Georgia has to offer.

1: Downtown Macon

The richest concentration of history and modern convenience anywhere in the city can be found downtown.This small and walk-able area is mostly comprised of loft spaces for those looking to live there. For those looking to live downtown you’re far more likely to look at renting an apartment or loft than buying a home. Downtown Macon is a great option if you like to live in a place with a modern feel and has the history and soul Macon is known for.

2: College Hill:

College Hill is immediately west of the Downtown area, sandwiched between downtown Macon and Mercer University. College Hill offers a lot of the same benefits as living downtown, like being surrounded by the history and being able to walk into downtown Macon, while replacing lofts and apartments with classic southern homes. For those looking to involve themselves in the Macon community but need more room, College hill offers the perfect combination. ‘

Median House price: $125,000 according to

3: Ingleside Historic District:

The Ingleside historic district offers its own tighter community and its own selections of restaurants and shops while being no more than 2 miles from downtown. for those still looking to enjoy some of Macon’s history, for those looking for a place with some history, in 2016 Ingleside village was added to the national register of historic places. Being further from downtown, Ingleside offers people looking to own a home a lower price on average than College Hill with much of the same historical significance we’ve come to expect from Macon.

Median Home price: $61,000 according to

4: Jones County:

Jones County is the farthest this list will take us from Macon, neighboring Macon-Bibb county to the north. This is the place for people who want to live within reasonable driving distance of Macon (30-50 minutes) but want a more rural experience. Jones County is home to the Oconee National Forest which offers much in the way of hiking and camping, as well as the Piedmont National Wildlife refuge.

Median House Price: $152,000 according to

5: Wesleyan Woods:

For those shopping at the higher end of the Macon Housing market, Wesleyan Woods is a strong contender. Wesleyan Woods is a few miles west of downtown, and has a history and local businesses of its own. For those looking for larger homes on larger plots of land while staying in the city of Macon, Wesleyan Woods is a great place to look.

Median House price: $226,000 according to

Macon is now becoming an excellent place to live in an all around sort of way. It’s not far from Atlanta but more than far enough away for the negatives of daily Atlanta life, namely traffic do not affect it. Situated right on the fall line, Macon has great forest land to the north and coastal plains to the south. and The city itself is surrounded by open rural land, while being large enough to consider urban. For those looking for a jack of all trades city, Macon checks a lot of the boxes, and you cant go wrong with any of these 5 places to live.

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