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3 Spooky Cocktails to Elevate Your Halloween Party

Happy Halloween!.png

No Halloween party is complete without alcohol, but not just any alcohol will work. The drinks themselves need to be just as Halloween themed as the party-goers drinking them. Here are three fall themed cocktails that will take your party to the next level.

1. Campfire Sling


When I think of fall, the first things that comes to mind are leaves changing and bonfires with good company – and this drink gives that same impression. This cocktail is more on the boozier side of the drink spectrum – similar to an old fashioned; however, it has a smokier flavor profile comparatively.

To make this cocktail you will need:

– two ounces of rye whiskey

– 1/4 ounce of amber maple syrup

– three dashes of chocolate bitters

– a garnish of scorched orange peel

All you need to do for this cocktail is mix all the ingredients in a glass with ice and stir.

2. Apple Cider Mimosa


Mimosas are the choice alcoholic beverage for most brunch diners. Unfortunately the mimosas don’t have that October vibe. So to bring them back into spooky season use apple cider instead of Orange juice.

To make this spooky mimosa you will need:

– two tablespoons of sugar

– one tablespoon of ground cinnamon

– one cup of apple cider

– one bottle of champagne

To make this drink, you will first need to line the rim of your glass with cinnamon sugar – think margarita salt but delicious. First, mix the cinnamon and the sugar on a plate. Next just barely dip the rim of the glass into a bit of water. To finish off the rim, slowly twist the rim of the glass in the cinnamon sugar.

Now it’s time to make the drink. The ratio of juice to champagne in a mimosa is largely up to your tastebuds. Because I used brut champagne, I used equal parts juice and champagne to tone the dryness of the champagne down a notch.

3. Caramel Apple Martini


Last but not least is a drink that is made of equal parts alcohol and milk and yet somehow manages to taste like candy.

To make the Caramel Apple Martini you will need:

– one ounce of Bailey’s Irish cream

– 1/2 ounce of apple schnapps

– 1/2 ounce of butterscotch schnapps

– 2 ounces of whole milk

– ground cinnamon

– sugar

Once again you will need to rim the glass with cinnamon sugar. Next pour the rest of the ingredients into a drink shaker with some ice and shake away. Once the shaker is making your hands numb from cold pour the mixture into a chilled glass.

Enjoy your Halloween cocktail party, and don’t forget to drink responsibly,

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