WMUB: Remembering 9/11


Jacob Lugenbeel: On the 18th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks many Americans remembered a day that is stated to be a defining chapter in U.S. and world history. The events of that fateful day touched many across the country. Some even here in Macon. But what if you are too young to remember the attacks. What did those Americans feel about the anniversary and the war on terror.

Waltower: My name is Mayah Waltower.

Lugenbeel:] And how old are you.

Waltower: I’m 20.

Lugenbeel: So that makes you two on 9/11.

Waltower: Yes.

Waltower: When was the first time you remembered hearing about it.

Waltower: 9 or ten 10.

Lugenbeel: elementary school age

Waltower: Yeah. Yeah.

Lugenbeel: So do you remember how it was first taught?

Waltower: I’d like the first time I heard it was like, not necessarily being taught, it was just being minchined. In terms of how it was taught, I feel like it mostly got brought up in reference to other things like I don’t remember having like a large or a section where we’re talking specifically about 9/11 and it was always like if we’re talking about history or if we’re talking about American or something like that I just like kind of brought up.

Waltower: The War on terror obviously lasted for much longer. And I feel like especially with the war on terror it’s like it’s so complicated. And so there’s just so many different things to think about or to feel about it. And so I think with the war on terror I have more of my own opinions and thoughts on that than I do with 9/11 because it really is just like how everyone else feels about it who remembers it.

Myala Swint: My name is Myala Swint and I am 20 years old.

Lugenbeel: you were 2 on 9/11?

Swint: yes

Swint: in school you know you dont really understand you are just kindda learning about it and you dont realize you were alive durring it.

Lugenbeel: What were your thoughts when the anavorsory just passed?

Swint: I like I personally don’t really have any thoughts of my own.

Swint: Because I was so young when it happened. I didn’t know what was going on and so I guess I kind of feel everybody else around me kind of feel like the somber like everybody kind of just is remembering this day from 2001 they’re like oh man this time like 18 years ago something really bad happened. Everyone is in a weird mood.