Video: Better Water Access is Focus of Mercer Program


Matt Smith

Rebar is used on the foundation floor as support. Mercer students worked in the Sabana Bonita community of El Cercado, Dominican Republic to build a new stone water tank.

This piece looks at the impact of water projects in the El Cercado region of the Dominican Republic.

Community organizer and missionary Joana Peterson has worked for 20 years in this area and Mercer University has helped with water projects for the last eight of those. Since the social ministry began addressing water access, Peterson said the health of the people have improved.

For the past eight years, Mercer has contributed labor and money to water projects in the region.

Footage by Debbie Blankenship, Taleen Hanna, Amelie Horace, Maura Rutledge, Samatha Vaquero and Kevin White. Special thanks to Matt Smith for the drone footage.