Explainer: Stone Water Tank Construction

Produced by Kevin White, this video explains how stone water tanks are constructed around the El Cercado region of the Dominican Republic. The tanks are made of locally sourced stone as well as cement, mortar and rebar. Mercer’s engineering MOM program has assisted with construction of eight stone tanks.

The process starts with a trench and then a concrete foundation that is reinforced with hand-tied rebar. Once the foundation floor cures, the walls are constructed using stones, mortar and more rebar. A concrete lid with only a small opening a the top is poured using wood forms. After the concrete and mortar cure, the inside of the tank is plastered and filled with water.

Video credits to Debbie Blankenship, Taleen Hanna, Amelie Horace, Maura Rutledge, Samatha Vaquero and Kevin White.