5 Ways To Get Involved With Nature Conservancy

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People are always seem to be talking about our duty as humans to clean up the environment. However these conversations end with the thought that we should do something, and no action is taken. When it comes down to making an impact on the environment, here are 5 ways to get involved with nature conservancy.

1. Float Daze River Cleanup

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Local river float organizers, Float Daze, host regular cleanup events on the Ocmulgee river to clean up trash. For more information on the cleanups check out their Facebook page.

2. Ocmulgee Land Trust

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If you aren’t too keen on getting out and cleaning up trash but still want to help contribute to the cause, consider donating. The mission of one such non-profit here in Macon, Ocmulgee Land Trust, is to “conserve Georgia properties, to protect water quality, preserve wildlife habitat, and to enhance the quality of life for future generations, “according to their mission statement.

3. Georgia Conservancy

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While not centered here in Macon, Georgia conservancy works all across the state in order to protect the environment. They cleanup and maintain both rivers and hiking trails for people to enjoy. The organization accepts donations as well as volunteers for their work. For more information, check out their website.

4. Piedmont Wildlife Refuge

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Piedmont Wildlife Refuge is a 35,000 acres of forest and wetlands located in Gray, Georgia. Maintaining a refuge of this size is a lot of work and requires help from more than just the staff. Volunteers help with counting the population of the fish and other animals as well as give tours to visitors. For more information on how to volunteer check out their website.

5. Noah’s Ark

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Noah’s Ark is an animal sanctuary located in Locust Grove, Georgia. The sanctuary takes in abused and injured animals that were born in captivity. Animals in captivity likely would not be able to survive in the wild and need to be cared for. Noah’s Ark is a non-profit, so donations and volunteers are what keeps the sanctuary running. For more information visit their website.

Nature conservation is not just a way for people to feel good about themselves, it is a requirement for the next generation to be able to enjoy the world as we have.