Bears’ Beat Report: Campus Safety


Eryn Lee: Safety is a major component of living on a college campus. But do students here at Mercer feel safe? I spoke with Mercer Student Tiffany Alexander about her thoughts about safety on Mercer’s campus.

Tiffani Alexander: I do typically feel safe on campus, I live off campus though, behind the law school. That’s where things can get a little sketchy. Um, I think we could do more so in the context of having actual gates and stuff to keep out people off-campus who don’t actually go here. But MerPo does an amazing job of patrolling and making sure people feel safe and have access to them.

Eryn Lee: Tiffani also noted that she feels her gender plays a role in how safe she feels on campus.

Tiffani Alexander: Absolutely. I try not to be on campus too late because I do have to walk to parking lots to go home, so I try not to leave too late or when I do leave late I’m definitely on the phone with someone. People see me because I’m a woman and see that I’m more vulnerable.

I think a lot of times men don’t understand the context of why women feel unsafe, especially in certain situations.

Eryn Lee: I also spoke briefly with junior Hannah Warren about her thoughts about feeling safe on campus.

Hannah Warren: I feel really safe in the daytime, since there’s people around. But when it gets darker outside, especially since I commute, and the parking lots aren’t very well lit, I feel concerned. But I feel safer in parking lots than in other places that aren’t well-lit, like the Quad.

Eryn Lee: Hannah also said that she feels that having more lights around campus and more officers on patrol would help students feel safer.

If you have questions about security at Mercer or are looking for safety information, click here