Bears’ Beat Report: Tattnall Square Park


Sometimes a college student just needs to go out and lay in some dirt. (contented sigh, “Now, this is the life”). While the ground on campus is usually adequate, it’s always nice to have other options. For Mercer students, there is a great option one block away.

One of the oldest parks in Georgia, Tattnall Square Park offers many different activities and is open to the public. While you’re there, you can play tennis, use the soccer field, play on the playground, enjoy the fountain, or relax in nature.

Tattnall Square Park is a great place to have events or parties because it is free and always open to the public.

Amber Bradshaw, Mercer freshman: I love the park because it’s such an open space, and it’s a nice way to get outside and move around outside of campus.

There is also a farmer’s market every Wednesday, if you’re looking for something to explore.

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