Bears’ Beat Report: Women’s History Month


As we know, the month of March is Women’s History Month. Not only is it important to recognize the amazing accomplishments of women who have made history, but it’s also important to hear about women who are making an impact through following their dreams. Meet I Ayanna Reid, a junior psychology major at Mercer University.

Ayanna Reid: I am a psych major, pre-nursing, religion minor.

Ayanna Reid: Growing up, seeing my mom. She’s always been kind of sick and so going in and out of the hospital with her and seeing how the nurses treated her which wasn’t always great…kind of influenced me to want to be a nurse and be better at it than them. So like if, you know it happens to be where my mom gets sick and I had to take care of her myself I know that she can get treated to the best of my ability and really you know get well.

Ayanna Reid: Religion and nursing comes together for me again off the influence of my mother and you know just seeing her be a woman of God and following under her footsteps learning about God and you know being having that mindset of like being a Christian. It kind of goes you it with hospitality and being a good nurse and actually caring about people in that way. And it’s not to say that I use religion to say I’m gonna be a good nurse. No, but, it’s just the fact that I know how I feel about you know serving others just as Jesus do in that way.

Ayanna Reid: I plan on impacting the world through what I’m going to study by being the best person I can be and possibly helping some people that have been treated badly before… and letting people know that you know there are nurses that actually care and aren’t just in there going through the motions. There’s people that actually go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable in a foreign place. Being in the hospital is not fun. And it can be quite scary. So, you know making people feel comfortable in the workplace is all that I can ask for as far as being a nurse and trying to impact the world in my small role.