Bears’ Beat Report: Why March for Women’s History Month?


Camryn Jackson: The month of March is known as Women’s History Month. It is the one month in the whole year that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. Many are not aware of the fact that March is Women’s History Month. Because of that, I went out on campus to hear students thoughts as to why March was picked as Women’s History Month.

Allie Jones: So just taking a guess, I was thinking about the Seneca Falls Convention when a group of women went to meet to eventually make women’s suffrage.

Anita Medepalli: So, it was when the 19th Amendment was passed.

Jack Xhemali: Women’s month was started because the public was…had attention drawn to the fact that women were not paid as much as men for doing the same jobs.

Camryn Jackson:While all these answers were pretty good guesses. Unfortunately, they were not the right answers. Women’s History Month is in March due to the initiation of Women’s History Week in 1978. Because International Women’s Day was already on March 8th, by 1987 Congress declared March Women’s History Month.