Bears’ Beat Report: Mid-Term Study Tips


Midterms season is quickly approaching for a lot of students, and for some it can be just as stressful as exam week. Here are some tips to help you get through those tests.

Tip number one is to clean your dorm. Studies show that studying in a messy environment makes it harder to focus. Cleaning your study area will help you feel more productive and ready to focus.

Also, try working at your desk instead of your bed. Working from your bed is bad because it tempts you to stop working and go to sleep. Try using your desk or another area to study so that your mind can concentrate.

If you find that your dorm is just not a good place to study, feel free to use one of Mercer’s many study rooms that are in the Library.

Another tip is to try to turn off your phone. Phones can be a huge distraction when studying, especially when attempting to focus for important tests like Midterms. If you can, turn off your phone in order to prevent distractions and procrastination.

Try to look over your notes and the material at least a week or two before the exam. Not only does this help prevent last minute cramming, but it gives you time to ask your professor about anything you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to drop by their office during office hours and ask for help.

Remember, you can always turn to your fellow classmates if you need help. A lot of them are just as stressed as you, and are need of a good study partner. Try setting up group study sessions so you can help each other out.We all know tests are stressful, but hopefully these tips can help you make those midterms a little more manageable.