Bears’ Beat Report: Valentine’s Day


Hey guys! It’s February, which means Valentine’s day is coming up soon. If you’re tired of the same old chocolate and roses every year, here are 3 ideas you can give that special someone in your life. Best part about these treats is that they all cost $1 or less.

Idea number one are these lollipops designed to look like a rose. Not only are they super pretty, but tasty too! These can be found at Walmart for $1 dollar each.

Idea number two is a personal gum-ball machine. These are in the toy section of a Dollar Tree. All you have to is find some candy, open it up, and put the candy inside.

Idea number 3 isn’t candy related, but is still pretty sweet. Take a mug and place tape in the shape of a design you like. Take some nail polish and put it into a bowl of water. Dip the mug in the bowl. It’ll leave behind a neat design.

Not feeling crafty? Then simply take some sharpies and draw a design. Wait anywhere between 24-72 hours for the mug to dry. After that, you’re done! These make a great gift for anyone.

Hopefully this gave you guys some ideas on what to give as gifts for Valentine’s Day.