Bears’ Beat Report: Mercer Entertainment Review (The Grammys)


Connor Cable: Welcome back to the Mercer entertainment review. I am here with anew guest. Sampson Defreitas and this week we talking about music because the Grammys are coming up this Sunday February 10th. Now the top three categories areSong of the Year, Album of the Year, and Record of the year. And thats what we’re going to talk about. So we’ll start with Song of the year and the nominees for song of the year are all the stars from the black panther album, booed up by Ellen Mai, God’s plan by Drake, in my blood by Shawn Mendez, The joke by Brandi Carlile, the middle by Zedd, shallow from the movie with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Yeah that was what was? I Can’t remember the name of the movie. I don’t remember the movie. It was, I should know that. And then this is America by Childish Gambino. So what are your thoughts on Song of the year.

Samson Defreitas: Honestly shallows is really, it’s a really deep song has a meaning to it.

Connor: A star is born! A star is Born.

Samson: That exactly and all the star is also really good. But in comparison to the film I don’t feel like it stacks up. As well as booed up also mega hit good songwriting I like how it’s boot up but it’s also like the heartbeat to it. And honestly my favorite to win the category is the shallow.

Connor: OK. And I think you’re kind of in line there. Shallow is probably the favorite because Lady Gaga just killed it. Yeah she did. I personally want this is America by Childish Gambino. That One was great.

Samson: It doesn’t have as much impact as the songs on Category.

Connor: It’ll win Video of the year. Like you don’t get it. Maybe the song. And that’s the key. You have to realize that record of the Year and Song of the year are different. Song of the year is about the songwriting and record of the years about the overall production. So it might get songwriting. Know about that’s a worthy nominee. Yeah sure. And you can’t count out Drake with God’s plan because that one was all over the airwaves.

Samson: It was I could not stop hearing this for a very long time but it it does have some impact. The Way Drake portrays it it all works out but like it is tough competition.

Connor: Right now our pick is probably shallow though. Yeah. Moving on to record of the year the nominees are. We have the album that was in the black panther movie which was sort of mastered by Kendrick Lamar with a bunch of other artists down there. Then you have invasion of privacy by Cardi B, by the way I forgive you by Brandi Carlile, scorpion by Drake, which was what God’s plan was on, Beerbongs and Bentleys by post malone, dirty computer by Janelle Monae, and a golden hour by Kacey Musgraves. What are your thoughts on the album of the year?

Samson: All right. SZA. Yeah. I love her. She’s great. Her album had a good head of steam going to it. I enjoyed it a lot. My personal favorite out of the category out of all the records that you listed was was Beerbongs and Bentleys. That’s all that is on repeat on my playlist all the time.

Connor: I also love Post Malone. But the problem is a lot of people think that bare bones and Bentleys wasn’t as good as his first album. I disagree with I disagree too. I think it’s really good. It is absolutely grown on me and I’ve got it on repeat. But the other problem is a lot of people really like that black panther album that was put together by Kendrick Lamar. So what do you mean by that one.

Samson: I personally… there is not one single songwriter or singer behind the album. I honestly think it shouldn’t be nominated. Hot Take! Yes, because it is a compilation album. It is a very good album though.

Connor: It is very good compilation album.

Samson: Yeah but as the Grammys you know I don’t think it should be in there.

Connor: Yeah well that is certainly certainly a heartache. We’ll see how that pans out. Right now I think our pick is beerbongs and Bentleys but that might be a heartache as well. Moving on to record of the year the grand finale which just kind of seems like the best picture. The Grammys. It’s gonna be similar to Song of the year with a couple of differences because it’s kind of about the all together song instead of just the songwriting. So the first the nominees are. I like it by Cardi B, the joke by Brandi Carlile, Childish Gambino’s This is America, God’s plan by Drake, shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, All the stars by Kendrick Lamar, and Rockstar by Post Malone, and the middle by Zedd. So this is a pretty stacked category and I’m very excited. What do you think?

Samson: Honestly I like this is America, but I feel like the impact of the song is better with the music video behind it. I feel like it could lose winning meaning but the words and the song the all the visuals is what really makes this is America, this is America.

Connor: Yeah exactly. That’s what we were talking about before. Now coming back to Post Malone. He’s probably our favorite and Rockstar was the highlight of the album.

Samson: It was a great. I hear it a lot, the song was everywhere, It has a good shot, it has a really good shot at winning.

Connor: If it does not win album it definitely has a good shot here. It is tough though because rap songs don’t always win song of the year, they have a history of kind of being shut out so it’ll be interesting the other one though as everyone’s always wondering
is it going to be Kendrick’s year. Now it is a compilation album and the album is up for album of the Year and Record of the year with all the stars which has also been all over the airwaves.

Samson: It is and his popularity but I don’t think this is Kendrick’s year. I would love for it to be one year it’s gonna be his year.

Connor: Way too long overdue. I think he should have one last year but yeah far too long overdue. And you also cant count out shallow, again. Lady gaga.

Samson: Really good song really good. There’s nothing really wrong with it. Really.

Connor: No. It’s a very flawless song.

Samson: It’s very good. But honestly I have to give it to post, not to choose favorites.

Connor: That’s what we want to win but it’ll be tough. That one might be a hot take as well. But that’s our picks for the Grammys this year. Tune in on Sunday February 10th and watch the Grammys see your favorite artists win. Now it has been Samson Defreitas and I
am Connor Cable for the Bears beat. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day.