Bear’s Beat Report: Fresh Market


A major aspect of being healthy is making sure that you are bring fresh and delicious foods into your home. The Fresh Market, located on Forsyth Road, prides itself on delicious and organic fresh foods and grocery items for residents of Macon.

“About ten years 10 to 12 years. We start specializing, we’re not a grocery store with a specialty store, which means we carry stuff that the average grocery stores don’t carry. We specialize in our produce. We are one of the only meat departments that actually cut meat daily on a daily basis. Basically, we carry specialty as items that you that you can’t find in different stores” says Jason Peacock, an employee of Fresh Market. “We’re not a considered a health food store, but we do carry a lot of healthy food.”

Fresh market first started a journey to make healthy eating possible for its customers in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1982.

“I love fresh market because they have so many different types of ingredients and different types of food that they can’t find normally at one of our regular grocery stores like Publix or Kroger. And we also find that the quality of some of our food is so much higher here,” says Betsey Fitzgerald, a customer of Fresh Market. “This is definitely not a place that you go and purchase your basic staples for your kitchen like paper towels or your Cokes or things like that, but definitely a place that if you want to have a good steak, a really wonderful Brie, and a good bottle of wine. Want to stop by here for dinner.”

The Fresh Market not only provides healthy eating, but they also support local non-profit organizations by donating gift cards, food trays, gift baskets, bottled water and many other store items to those in need. The Fresh Market is located at 4357 Forsyth Road open Monday through Sunday 8 am. to 9 pm.