3 Unique Clubs at Mercer University You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Mercer University has over 160 student organizations. Due to this immense amount of student activity, it’s easy for certain clubs to get overlooked. Here are the top 3 unique clubs at Mercer University you probably have not heard of before.

Mercer Allergy Awareness Club promotes its club with a poster in the Conell Student Center. (Al Wooten II)

1). MU Touch 3D Club

The MU Touch 3D Club is an organization that helps support yearbooks for the blind. 3D Touch yearbooks are groundbreaking for the blind community. This organization’s goal is to “get as many people involved with this project as possible,” according to the Mercer’s club website. In addition the organization guides its members on how to skillfully use 3D technology. 

2). Animercer

Animercer is a club based on the culture of Japanese animation. This club gathers weekly to watch anime and discuss different types of anime. Not only that, Animercer members also attend different conventions such as Anime Weekend Atlanta or Momocon. Animercer is a diverse group and always welcoming new members.

3). Mercer Allergy Awareness Club

Mercer Allergy Awareness Club is a club that strives to make college safer for students with food and environmental allergies. MAAC  provides training for the student body at Mercer for emergency situations involving allergies. Some include “EpiPen training clinics, educational talks, cooking workshops and much more,” according to Mercer’s club website.