5 Soft Surface Running Trails in Macon


Jaycie Calvert

Grass surfaces at the entrance of the Pig Trails in Macon, GA.

Whether you’re a veteran runner or a beginner, running is not only hard, but it’s hard on the body. Substituting some road miles for the trails can be beneficial as softer surfaces take some pressure and force off of the body with each strike of the foot. With Macon’s trail system, there are plenty of softer surface options for running regardless of the distance. 

1. Pig Trails: With different loops that vary with distance, these single track trails double as mountain biking trails. Featuring soft dirt trails, grass, hills, and a pond, these trails are great for longer runs or walks. Pay attention to the footing as it is a more technical trail system. AllTrails has this map of the trails. 

2. Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park: With different trails that vary in lengths and surfaces, Ocmulgee Mounds features both paved pathways, gravel and dirt trails that explore the rich history of the park. The park closes at 5pm, so make sure to plan accordingly.  The National Parks Service offers a breakdown and list of trails in the park 

3. Wesleyan Loop: Located right near the Wesleyan campus, the Wesleyan loop offers dirt surfaces that are covered with trees and runs alongside a creek. This is a great option for shorter trail runs. Wesleyan College offers a map of their trails here

4. Carolyn Crayton Park: Located near downtown Macon, Carolyn Crayton Park offers a dirt loop, grass fields, and gravel surfaces perfect for running right in the heart of the city and near Luther Williams Field. 

5. Amerson River Park: Though the park hosts paved pathways, turn on the Pond Trail for one mile of unpaved and dirt surfaces that run right along the river. Amerson provides a map of their trails here.