6 Reasons to be an only child or from a big family

Hunter Gause with her family.

I’ve been an only child all my life and it has many highs and few lows. The happiest moments definitely outweigh the saddest moments when I look at my life, and if I had to put the moments of being an only child in categories, it would be these:

1.Constant Attention

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We always love being listened to and being an only child comes with a guaranteed “drop everything and listen to me.” Come on, who wouldn’t like attention at a moment’s notice? It’s extra love from your parents and there’s no competition.

2. No Sharing

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Everyone was taught that sharing was an act of kindness and that we should all do it. Well, that principle sort of goes out the window when you don’t have anyone at home to share with. If I’m being honest… I was completely fine with that. What do I gain from sharing? The answer is me either not having what I had or not having as much of it. No thanks.

3. Being Spoiled

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Finally, the top tier perk of being an only child. Nine times out of ten, you will get WHATEVER you want. Whether it be food, clothes, shoes, or anything else your heart may desire, it’ll happen. Nothing is better than having everything.

Even though these are nice, the best beyond compare is having amazing parents that will provide you with this lifestyle. Make sure to always show your parents some love for being amazing providers!

Lillie King with her family.

1.Best friends, of course!

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I didn’t grow up with lots of friends because I didn’t have to! Sounds lame… I know, but who needs randoms as friends when you have the coolest siblings ever?! As a middle child, I had an older brother and sister to be cool with and a younger brother and sister to teach how to be cool! No need for fake friendships here!  

2. We share EVERYTHING

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Want a cute going out top? Go to your sister’s closet! Need to borrow some socks? Take it from your little brother! (Of course, this only works if you never tell the sibling that you took their stuff). GIMME GIMME! I never have to go shopping because I just take new things from the sibs!

3. It’s so easy to get away with anything

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I mean, come on… I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been caught for something I did! Your ‘rents are too focused on being sure your older brother stays out of trouble while also being sure the baby of the family gets everything she wants! Insert the middle children getting away with EVERYTHING! It truly is the best.  

Having a big family is something that only special individuals will be blessed with. So, if you’re an only child and consider yourself to be special… then get those rents to start having more kids!