Peacing Together: “Heal the Hood”


6. That’s how many homicides have happened in Macon so far in 2020.

Now, a grassroots effort is forming to help “Heal the Hood.”
Three pastors from three different churches have come together with one goal in mind — “Heal the Hood.” The initiative starts next week with a walk across part of Macon.

“The street violence is something that has plagued our area, and not just one area in particular as far as east, west and now north Macon, so it’s a problem that we all have to face,” said New Pilgrimage Baptist Church pastor Bryant Raines.

Raines is one of the founding fathers of “Heal the Hood” along with fellow pastors Christopher Cabiness (New Hope Church) and Belvin Ware (Macedonia Baptist Church). They want to unite the community to make Macon a safer and better place to live.

Belvin Ware is a youth pastor.

“What a lot of churches around here have is they have those resources. If they don’t have those resources themselves, they have members in the congregation that have those resources,” said Ware.

The goal is share those resources with the community. It starts with taking a few steps in the right direction to make Macon better as whole.

“Macon has too much potential. We sit in the heart of Georgia and I believe if we get the heart right, then we can change the state, we can change our country and potentially change our world,” said Cabiness.

If you would like to march to “Heal the Hood,” you can meet them at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Elm Street this coming Monday (2/17) at 10 a.m. The march will end at Rosa Parks Square.

Organizers say the march is just the beginning of a much larger plan.

The group hopes to help the community with employment, mental health and wellness programs, and family support.