Peacing Together: Ray Rover


“My name is Ray Rover and in my spare, off and extra time, I have a ministry called Street to Success.”

Street to Success pairs children with mentors to help with school work, but also socialization.

“We don’t care whether children are Christians or Muslims, straight or whatever, it’s for all kids,” said Rover.

His goal is to help kids reach their own goals.

“I have a grandiose old plan here and that’s to raise up young men and women who go to school, acquire either a diploma or certificate, provide for themselves with a job, get married and raise their own children,” he said.

That idea of family is exactly what Ray hopes to offer young people who may not experience that connection in their home life.

“It’s a good moral foundation. A good understanding of who they are and then all as a family pursuing success,” said Rover.

Robert Brown says as a young man, that moral foundation certainly changed his path.

“Coming from a kid not having that much leadership and not having father figures or brotherhood… it really helped the community. It helped keep us out of trouble like walking around the neighborhood. We would all come here to tutoring. The next day, we have an open gym or open court,” said Brown.

Ray’s dedication and the difference it’s made is evident.

“I look at Mr. Ray as a father figure. He helped us. He’s shown us how to treat women at some point, he’s shown us how to be respectful,” said Brown.

“We want to love them. We tell them we love them. We’re only interested in helping them. Whatever it takes, we’re going to help you,” said Rover.

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