‘The feeling, the meaning and the food’: Macon family’s Hanukkah centers on tradition


Jenna Eason

Darrie Schlesinger, wife of retired Rabbi Larry Schlesinger, explains the different desserts she makes to celebrate Hanukkah including these cookies on Nov. 28.

Stories of the tradition of Hanukkah flow throughout the house while the menorah is lit. It is filled with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures, who gather for a glimpse into a possibly unfamiliar holiday.

Many may come to try the different types of food that line the table or to play traditional games like dreidel, a four-sided top that is spun for different outcomes. A chance for fellowship and competition.

Hanukkah is an eight day celebration which falls this year from Dec. 2-10. It is a celebration in the Jewish community that honors the rededication of the Holy Temple, retired Rabbi Larry Schlesinger said.

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