Bears’ Beat Report: Grocery Shopping 101


As a college student, it can be really easy to forget the importance of eating a well-balanced diet.

With the late night study sessions and a hectic class schedule it is sometimes a little more difficult for college students to make sure they eat proper meals throughout the day. When grocery shopping, college students should be aware of a few basic items that they should always keep stocked in your kitchen. Here are a few key food items to always have available whether you’re getting an on-the-go snack or cooking a quick week night meal.

Eggs come in handy very often. From frying eggs to making egg salad to just eating a hard-boiled egg before you go off to class. It’s very convenient and easy. From smoothies to just grabbing one and heading out the door, fruit is always a convenient snack and it’s also healthy.

Vegetables are beneficial when cooking a real meal or even when you just wants something to snack on such as baby carrots.

For a simple and easy weeknight meal, pasta is always a great go to. It’s simple and convenient and it doesn’t take much out of your schedule.

Depending on your diet, it’s always great to have a protein such as chicken or eggs in your kitchen.

Hopefully this video has given pointers on what items you should always keep in stock in your kitchen. For the Bear’s Beat, I’m Camryn Jackson.