Shopping for the Super Bowl


Alright Central Georgia, it is time for the big game, the super bowl is this Sunday and if you’re getting ready to throw a big football party then you need to hit the store and grab those snacks, right? But all those snacks don’t have to wreak havoc on your diet. I went shopping with the Director from Wellness at Mercer University to find out how you can have great time without putting on all that extra weight.

Amyre Makupson: So here we are at the Fresh Market in their produce aisle, what kinds of things are you thinking in terms of some healthier options?

Rachel Woodson: So a great substitution, especially if you’re hosting is not only to have some chips, but also to have some vegetables. So you could also use these instead of chips as part of your dip spread. So something like salsa is very low in calories and it’s great for dipping. You can also look for things like guacamole and these are super heart healthy.

Amyre Makupson: We’ve talked about dipping sauce, we were saying that some chips are better than others, some crackers are better than others, what in this aisle is a good thing for us to pick?

Rachel Woodson: When you’re looking for a healthier options, a lot of times what you want to look for is whole grain, so the first ingredient so the first ingredient should say 100% whole .. fill in the blank.

Amyre Makupson: When we’re talking about the super bowl and snacks, a lot of people think wings, right? But some wings are better than others.

Rachel Woodson: True. And wings themselves are not terrible. They’re a good source of protein, they’re easy to eat. So when you’re looking for wings, a good way to make them healthier is to look for the un-breaded and baked as opposed to fried and that’s going to save you a lot of calories and get more protein without all the extra fat in it.

Amyre Makupson: Super bowl, football, anything like that of course you think beer.

Rachel Woodson: Rachael says: absolutely, certainly if you’re interested in going lower calorie, there are other options that you could certainly get, 90 calorie beer, that’s kind of a matter of personal preference, sometimes you’re going to trade taste for calories and so just consider that.

Amyre Makupson: Realistically speaking, it is the super bowl so you will probably splurge a little bit and it if you do, that’s no big deal. Rachel says just hit the gym a little harder next week.