‘Everybody knows you by name’ at this small town soul food and seafood restaurant


Jenna Eason, [email protected]

Maurice James, the owner of Kountry Kitchen & Seafood in Jeffersonville, prepares food for the upcoming lunch hour on Oct. 16. James said the restaurant has been open for four years.

The Kountry Kitchen & Seafood restaurant serves up more than just soul food. It also dishes out a hearty side of community.

“I basically come here for the home feeling. Everybody knows you by name,” customer Tameka Walker said.

Located on Magnolia Street in Jeffersonville, population just over 1,000, the Kountry Kitchen has the feel of an old wooden cabin as you step up to the door. Once inside, your senses take over, and you’re transported to the kitchen of your childhood home.

This meat-and-three — with seafood on Fridays — has become a gathering place for a small community lacking in options for food.

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